New ways to build and market content enabled business solutions.

The CMIS standard brings interoperability into the ECM world, the CMIS Solutions Platform connects vendors, partners and end users to make this interoperability work between all the players.

ECM Platform Vendors

make their CMIS enabled ECM platform available in a test and demo environment, and include it in the solutions catalog. Solution partners are able to validate and showcase their solutions with the platform. More solutions become available for the platform, creating more sales opportunities and higher customer interest. Supporting a large number of CMIS solution vendors is a lot easier now.

ECM Solution Vendors

can validate their CMIS based client solutions to work with various ECM environments, and showcase these solutions in the solutions catalog. The test and demo environment is available for test, development and customer demonstrations, and to reproduce customer environments in technical support cases. Accessing a large number of CMIS repositories is just a mouse click away.

System Integrators

can use the test and demo environment for customer specific implementations, validate their implementations to work with different repositories, and publish available solutions in the catalog. This enables true vendor independent consulting and system integration services around CMIS.

End Users

can realize the value of interoperability between various ECM solutions and repositories. They can browse the solution catalog to identify available solutions, verify that they have been tested and validated, and connect with the vendors of choice.